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Defiance Cup – Tacoma, Aug. 5th

Gaelic Football returns to Tacoma this Saturday, Aug. 5, as the Rangers host the Defiance Cup at Vassault Park in Tacoma, beginning at 10am. This year’s competitors include the Tacoma Rangers, Seattle Gaels, Portland Eireannach, and Thurston County.

Following the tournament, teams will re-gather at the Rangers’ sponsors, Pacific Brewing & Malting on Pacific Ave. in Downtown Tacoma for the trophy presentation and pints.

When Life Gives You Goals…


Two months ago, someone decided it would be a great idea to drive through the fence, through the goals, and onto the field at Jane Clark Park – one of Metro Parks Tacoma’s facilities and the practice field for the Tacoma Rangers. You can see the aftermath in the image at the top of the page, where one goal was completely destroyed and the other damaged at a not-entirely-insignificant structural point. The somewhat-damaged goal was repaired with spare parts, but replacing its destroyed counterpart was going to require a little ingenuity.


Another goal was discovered while coordinating with Metro Parks and NorTac, sitting unused at nearby Vassault Park and waiting for removal. Being opportunists, the Rangers took it upon themselves to dismantle, walk, and reassemble the goal 1 mile away the only way Tacomans know how – with some grit.

Tacoma Parks - Mud Run

Metro Parks Tacoma’s Mud Run at Swan Creek (3-25-17)

This past weekend, some of the Tacoma Rangers crawled, climbed, and solo-ed through the Metro Parks’ Mud Run. Starting at 10am, the Rangers contingent began the 2 mile, 16 obstacle event by working through numerous mud pits on elbows and knees to ensure that the run lived up to its billing.

Following the initial mud-trudging, the Rangers worked their way through farmers carries, tire flips and drags, pushups, burpees, flames, wall-climbs, dirt piles, and more before one last mud pit, a short trail run, and final hill climb to reach the finish. Throughout the whole mud run, the Rangers carried or solo-ed two Gaelic Footballs and handpassed or kicked them back and forth, or over and around obstacles to the teammates who had already made it to the other side. Check out some of the event pictures below!