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July Pub League

It’s that time again for the Tacoma Rangers’ Monthly Pub League competition! Matches will once again be played at Jane Clark Park in North Tacoma, beginning at 11am.

July’s match-ups will pit the Tacoma Rangers in a Gaelic Football rematch against a traveling Olympia side. Gaelic Football will be followed by the return of a classic Pac Brewing Black Sheep v. Doyle’s Evergreens Hurling match.

When Life Gives You Goals…


Two months ago, someone decided it would be a great idea to drive through the fence, through the goals, and onto the field at Jane Clark Park – one of Metro Parks Tacoma’s facilities and the practice field for the Tacoma Rangers. You can see the aftermath in the image at the top of the page, where one goal was completely destroyed and the other damaged at a not-entirely-insignificant structural point. The somewhat-damaged goal was repaired with spare parts, but replacing its destroyed counterpart was going to require a little ingenuity.


Another goal was discovered while coordinating with Metro Parks and NorTac, sitting unused at nearby Vassault Park and waiting for removal. Being opportunists, the Rangers took it upon themselves to dismantle, walk, and reassemble the goal 1 mile away the only way Tacomans know how – with some grit.