Sean Davis with the Willamette Cup

Player Profile – Sean

Frequently seen as a fluorescent blur, bounding from one goal box to the other, few Rangers parallel the effect he has on the field and the team.

Sean Davis, this is your player profile:

Name: Sean Davis
Age: 28
Hometown: Tacoma, WA

What is your favorite thing about or place in Tacoma?

My favorite thing about Tacoma is the pride that people who grew up here have. The number 253 means a lot to people and there is a sense of community that other cities around here don’t have.

When did you make your competitive debut for the Rangers?

I was the 3rd member to join the club when it was formed in 2012, and competed in my first match a week or two after joining.

What is your favorite thing about the Rangers?

My favorite thing about the Rangers is the level of commitment members of the team have shown. There are people on this team that put in a yearlong effort to improve their skills, and it shows in the improvement this team makes each season. Also, the fact that I get to be on a team that is in my hometown is something special to me.

What is your favorite code and position?  Hurling, Midfield!

What was your previous club(s)?

I have suited up for Tacoma, Seattle, Red Branch, Vancouver, Eugene, and Willamette. However, the only club I have ever been a part of since I started has been Tacoma.

What is your ‘motivation music’?

I prefer anything with a fast beat or motivational words to get me amped up. I usually just put my music on shuffle and let whatever hits me at that moment influence me.

What would you change about your game?

I wouldn’t change anything about my game. I’m proud of the growth I have had as a player, and am excited to continue adding new skills and growing as a player.

What is your funniest GAA/Rangers quote or memory?

My funniest memories/quotes are everything Fred says while on the field. I would type on specific examples, but I don’t want to ruin the innocence of any youth players who read this.

What are your hobbies and interests outside the Rangers?

Outside of the Rangers, most of my time and energy is spent improving myself as a PE teacher and improving my health. My hobby is constantly looking for different ways to be active, which is one of the reasons I found and joined the Rangers.

What is the best piece of advice you were given?

The best advice I was given was to never let something stop you from being who you want to be, and to be optimistic in life.

If you could host a dinner with any 3 guests (alive or dead), who would you invite?

I would invite my friend Tyler, my cousin Scott, and my great-grandfather. They are all gone now, but they all influenced my life in such a way that I would want the chance to tell them how much they mean to me.

What is your proudest GAA/Rangers memory/accomplishment?

The proudest accomplishment I have had with the Rangers was our tournament win this past year. Considering the fact that I have been with the team since the beginning, and our first match win didn’t occur for a few years, the growth this club has made in such a short time has been amazing. While there have been growing pains as a club, the joy and comradery I saw from everyone after the championship win was very special, and the swell of emotion I had from holding the trophy is something I’ll never forget. I know there will be more wins and trophies in the future, but that first one will always be meaningful to me.

In 10 years the Rangers will be:

Further established as a club, with more involvement in the community, along with a larger fan base. The Rangers will have a pipeline of new players mixed in with the veterans, and we will be consistently competing for championships at both the northwest division and national championships. Finally, the Rangers will be in a position to recognize the contributions of a certain #12, by retiring his number!