Lawrence at North American GAA Finals

Player Profile – Lawrence

The Rangers’ own one-man cheering section, hype-man supreme, Lawrence.  This is your player profile:

Name: Lawrence Cecil Weigel VII, Esq.

Age: 33

Hometown: Graham, WA

When did you make your competitive debut for the Rangers? October 2015

What is your favorite thing about the Rangers?

Everyone plays aggressively but everyone gets along. Not to say we don’t have our occasional asshole, but everyone plays together nicely.

What is your favorite code and position?

Hurling, Half-forward wing. Farthest from the parking lot.

What was your previous club(s)?

Drama, Chess, Friday Night MTG

What is your ‘motivation music’?

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

What is your favorite movie?

Gremlins 2, watch it and tell me it’s not amazing.

What would you change about your game?

Be more aggressive

What are your hobbies and interests outside the Rangers?

Arcade machine repair and maintenance.

What is the best piece of advice you were given?

Don’t worry about being someone else. Best the best you, that you can be.

What is your favorite GAA memory?

I scored my first hurling goal from the half back line against Columbia Red Branch in Montana. I didn’t even know that it happened. When people told me to get excited I just ran in a big circle like a headless chicken without making a sound… good times.

In 10 years the Rangers will be:

…defending champions of the newly formed Puget Sound League on their own pitch.