Off-season 2017-18

It’s freezing cold, dark, wet, and no one is watching; time to earn my place.

Here we are in the first few days of October and it’s officially the off-season. However, that does not mean there’s nothing to do!
If anything can be said of the off-season, that’s where we make our improvements; in-season is just maintenance. So what’s the plan?

First off, we are still getting together weekly, on Saturdays, for pickup games. Outside of there being an established start time, there is zero formality for these games. Show up if you want to, stay home if you don’t.

These pickup games should also be great opportunities to introduce new folks to the games, there is no pressure, just come out, learn some new skills and have fun.

Wednesday evening conditioning is back on the schedule but we’ll address the specifics there in another post.

Other things to look forward to in the coming weeks:

  • DIY Fitness and Conditioning plan (for those unable to attend Wed. or are looking for additional work).
  • Solo/Duo wall drills
  • Field Position reference docs and skill goals
  • Social events
  • Volunteer opportunities