The Rangers post-scrimmage

Practice Times & Locations

Pick-up Games and Beginner Overview
Since we are officially in the off-season, the only regular game/practice events are at 11am every Saturday at Jane Clark Park.

Everyone is welcome to attend – former, current, and prospective players included. Depending on turnout, we may play a conditioned game, hit-/kick-around, or whatever strikes our fancy. Beginners are especially welcome! There will be ample opportunity to learn about the games, receive instruction on individual skills and get a feel for the team atmosphere.

Bring cleats (if you have them), water, and weather appropriate clothing!

Regular Practice:

No practice until 2018, see above!


Conditioning sessions are held every Wednesday (starting October 18th) at Mason Middle School.

Session begins at 7pm and will last approximately an hour.  We park on 28th and meet on the track by the football goal post that’s closest to the school side.

Wear running shoes and weather-appropriate clothing!

Grit City Opener

Join the Tacoma Rangers as we host the first Northwest Division tournament at Fort Steilacoom Park on April 7th starting at 10:00am. Teams from all over the Northwest Division are coming down (or up!) to Tacoma to test their skills in the first friendly tournament of the year. This is a great opportunity for new players to experience their first tournament setting and for old players to dust off the off season rust. The first two games see the Tacoma Rangers take on the Seattle Gaels in Gaelic football on field one, while Columbia Red Branch play a combined Benton Brigade and Willamette Hurling Club in Hurling on field two.

For a full schedule of games check out our Facebook event page!

Open Field Day March 24th

Come join the Tacoma Rangers as we host our first open field day of the year at Jane Clark Park on Saturday March 24th. Field days are a great way to dip your toes into Gaelic sports, and your favorite Tacoma Rangers will be on hand to teach you the basics of Hurling, Camogie and Gaelic Football.

What is Hurling?
Per Wikipedia:

Hurling is an outdoor team game of ancient Gaelic and Irish origin, administered by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). The game has prehistoric origins, and has been played for 3,000 years. One of Ireland’s native Gaelic games, it shares a number of features with Gaelic football, such as the field and goals, the number of players, and much terminology. There is a similar game for women called camogie. It shares a common Gaelic root with the sport of shinty, which is played predominantly in Scotland.

The objective of the game is for players to use a wooden stick called a hurley to hit a small ball called a sliótar between the opponents’ goalposts either over the crossbar for one point, or under the crossbar into a net guarded by a goalkeeper for one goal, which is equivalent to three points. The sliótar can be caught in the hand and carried for not more than four steps, struck in the air, or struck on the ground with the hurley. It can be kicked or slapped with an open hand (the hand pass) for short-range passing. A player who wants to carry the ball for more than four steps has to bounce or balance the sliotar on the end of the stick and the ball can only be handled twice while in his possession.

What is Gaelic Football?
Per Wikipedia:

Gaelic football, commonly referred to as football or Gaelic, is an Irish team sport. It is played between two teams of 15 players on a rectangular grass pitch. The objective of the sport is to score by kicking or punching the ball into the other team’s goals (3 points) or between two upright posts above the goals and over a crossbar 2.5 metres (8.2 ft) above the ground (1 point).

Players advance the football, a spherical leather ball, up the field with a combination of carrying, bouncing, kicking, hand-passing, and soloing (dropping the ball and then toe-kicking the ball upward into the hands). In the game, two types of scores are possible: points and goals. A point is awarded for kicking or hand-passing the ball over the crossbar, signalled by the umpire raising a white flag. A goal is awarded for kicking the ball under the crossbar into the net, signalled by the umpire raising a green flag. Positions in Gaelic football are similar to that in other football codes, and comprise one goalkeeper, six backs, two midfielders, and six forwards, with a variable number of substitutes.

St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl!

Come down and join The Tacoma Rangers this Saint Patrick’s day for a night of raucous singing and drinking and pub crawling! Meet up at 8:00pm at Pacific Brewing and Malting, then down to Dunagan’s Brewing, and finally off to The Swiss!

Dunagan’s Brewing is offering FREE entry to any Rangers wearing Rangers jerseys! They will also be pouring our very own TACOMA RANGERS ALE!!! $1 from every pint goes to the team so DRINK UP!

The Swiss is also waiving their cover for our pub crawl!

Player Profile – Brett

Tacoma’s eccentric, homegrown Gutenberg; he has been accidentally enforcing across fields from Missoula to San Francisco. To the happiest Ranger, Brett, this is your player profile:

Name: Brett

Age: 27

Hometown: Tacoma

What is your favorite thing about or place in Tacoma?
Its a perfect mix of big city, small town.
Also the fear in peoples eyes when you tell them you’re from Tacoma haha.

When did you make your competitive debut for the Rangers?
I made my competitive debut for the Rangers at the Defiance Cup in 2016!

What is your favorite thing about the club?
The Tacoma Rangers are a real club. Its not just about the hurling and football, its a real community.

Do you prefer Gaelic Football or Hurling? What Position?
I prefer both, but if I have to pick it would be hurling. I’ll play pretty much any position in hurling, but keeper is terrifying and anyone who volunteers for that is insane and should be committed haha.

What was your previous club(s)?

What is your ‘motivation music’?
depends on the day. I might listen to Metallica or Mastodon one tournament, then some deep house the next.

What would you change about your game?
I wish I was as swift as a coursing river, but with the force of a great typhoon and maybe as strong as a raging river.

What is your funniest GAA/Rangers quote or memory?

What are your hobbies and interests outside the Rangers?
I’m a huge darts fan.
I also like long walks on the beach, and getting caught in the rain. wait. wrong profile.

What is the best piece of advice you were given?
If you want something, go get it!

If you could host a dinner with any 3 guests (alive or dead), who would you invite?
Kurt Cobain
Jeff Bridges
Robin Williams

What is your proudest GAA/Rangers memory or accomplishment?
Scoring my first competitive hurling point! Got it in the last tournament in Portland. Best feeling ever!

In 10 years the Rangers will be:
National champs in both codes, and contending for all the NW division cups!

Defiance 50k – Volunteering

Saturday, October 14th, seven Tacoma Rangers drag themselves from slumber and make their way to Point Defiance Park. The Tacoma City Marathon Association (TCMA) hosted their annual Defiance 50k (and 30k and 15k) and we took the opportunity to volunteer as both course marshals and start/finish line help.

It was a brisk day but the runners were full of happy anticipation. It was great to be able to cheer them on especially as the miles wore on. It was a bit more than 10 miles per lap and the encouragement helped, at least according to post-race feedback. All in all, it was a great day to be out in the park, represent the club, and support fellow Tacoma athletes.

In attendance: Brian, Ellis, Tom, Ed, Brett, Sean, Molly and Kevin.

Off-season 2017-18

It’s freezing cold, dark, wet, and no one is watching; time to earn my place.

Here we are in the first few days of October and it’s officially the off-season. However, that does not mean there’s nothing to do!
If anything can be said of the off-season, that’s where we make our improvements; in-season is just maintenance. So what’s the plan?

First off, we are still getting together weekly, on Saturdays, for pickup games. Outside of there being an established start time, there is zero formality for these games. Show up if you want to, stay home if you don’t.

These pickup games should also be great opportunities to introduce new folks to the games, there is no pressure, just come out, learn some new skills and have fun.

Wednesday evening conditioning is back on the schedule but we’ll address the specifics there in another post.

Other things to look forward to in the coming weeks:

  • DIY Fitness and Conditioning plan (for those unable to attend Wed. or are looking for additional work).
  • Solo/Duo wall drills
  • Field Position reference docs and skill goals
  • Social events
  • Volunteer opportunities

Defiance Cup Hurling – Aug. 19th

It’s your last chance to catch the Tacoma Rangers this season before we make our way to the USGAA Finals in San Francisco!

The Tacoma Rangers will be hosting the Seattle Gaels, Columbia Red Branch, and Willamette Hurling Club at Ft. Steilacoom Park in Lakewood this Saturday, Aug. 19th, for the last tournament of the NW Division’s 2017  season.

Following the tournament, the trophy will be presented at the afterparty, held by sponsors Pacific Brewing & Malting in downtown Tacoma.

Defiance Cup – Tacoma, Aug. 5th

Gaelic Football returns to Tacoma this Saturday, Aug. 5, as the Rangers host the Defiance Cup at Vassault Park in Tacoma, beginning at 10am. This year’s competitors include the Tacoma Rangers, Seattle Gaels, Portland Eireannach, and Thurston County.

Following the tournament, teams will re-gather at the Rangers’ sponsors, Pacific Brewing & Malting on Pacific Ave. in Downtown Tacoma for the trophy presentation and pints.

Gorge Cup – Portland, July 22nd

This Saturday, the Tacoma Rangers will be traveling to Portland to compete in the Gorge Cup, held at Northgate Park, 10am. The Rangers will be participating in both the Hurling and Gaelic Football competitions during their last NW tournament on the road in 2017.

The entire rest of the NW Division is expected to attend, with Tacoma competing against hosts Columbia Red Branch, the Seattle Gaels, the Thomas Meaghers from Missoula, Benton Brigade, and Willamette in Hurling and against Portland Eireannach and the Seattle Gaels in Gaelic Football.

The tournament’s after party will be held at On Deck in the Pearl District (there are 2 located across town from each other, so make sure you’re headed to the right one).

Up the Rangers!

July Pub League

It’s that time again for the Tacoma Rangers’ Monthly Pub League competition! Matches will once again be played at Jane Clark Park in North Tacoma, beginning at 11am.

July’s match-ups will pit the Tacoma Rangers in a Gaelic Football rematch against a traveling Olympia side. Gaelic Football will be followed by the return of a classic Pac Brewing Black Sheep v. Doyle’s Evergreens Hurling match.