Join the Tacoma Rangers for the 2nd annual ascent up Mt.Elinor. We will begin the ascent promptly at 10:00am. We will break up into ability groups for those of you that want to charge up the mountain and those that want to take your time. We plan on taking a group photo at the summit.

Where: Mt Ellinor Upper Trail Head

Needed: You will need a Northwest Forest Pass to park your car (just one per car) at the trail head.

Mt Ellinor is in a US Forest and requires a day pass. The grocery store or Gas Station in Hoodsport will sell you a day pass.
Or you can buy an e-pass online.

Details: The Upper Mt Ellinor Trail head is 6.6 miles round trip and will take approximately 5 hours to ascend and descend. The trail gains in elevation very quickly, approximately 3,300 feet. Mt Ellinor is a considered a medium difficulty trail. However, children as young as 8-10 years old routinely complete the hike. With that being stated, there are some rough areas.
Regardless of pace, we will all meet up at the summit to take a group photo. The summit is where people traditionally take a break to eat. Remember to wear your Tacoma Rangers gear for the photo shoot.
The weather is unpredictable, so plan accordingly clothing wise.

Camping: Camping is allowed around the Mt Ellinor Trail head. However, there are no facilities for camping. If you are planning on camping, It is suggested that you look for camping areas in the Lake Cushman area.

After party: After the hike we will travel back to Tacoma to take part in the Pacific Brewing Anniversary Party. Remember to wear your ‘Dress’ Green Jerseys.


Date Time League Season
September 23, 2017 9:30 am Social 2017